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Response Formats
JSON, Texto
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Altimetry API of the Spatial Data Infrastructure of Gipuzkoa. The altimetry data has been obtained using the Lidar system.

Request parameters

Parameter Description Default Required
coors Coordinate pair, between commas. - Yes
ztype Type of altitude, there are three: o (orthometric altitude in Alicante), oa (orthometric altitude in Amsterdam); and e (ellipsoidal altitude). o No
srs Spatial coordinate reference system (SRS), expressed in the EPSG code. If not specified, the system detects it. Supported SRS are EPSG:4326, EPSG:25830, and EPSG:3857. No, the system detects it No
lidartype Type of Lidar, there are two: g (ground) and f (flight). g No
year Year in which Lidar data was collected (2005, 2008, 2012 or 2017) 2017 No
format Format of the response. It should be: txt, json or php. txt No


1. Altitude of a point, coordinates in the EPSG:25830 system but without entering the srs parameter, and the response in the txt format by default. The rest of the parameters will be the default: type of altitude, orthometric in Alicante; Lidar type, ground; and year, 2017.,4797161
2. Altitude of a point, coordinates in EPSG:4326 but not including the srs parameter, and response in json format. Since the output is json, the rest of the parameters will be seen in the response.,43.32276&format=json
3. Altitude of a point, z type ellipsoidal, coordinates in EPSG:25830, Lidar type flight, year 2005 and output format json. Response in json format.,4797161&ztype=e&srs=epsg:25830&lidartype=f&year=2005&format=json


If the format of the answer is txt, the answer will be a number with two decimal places that will indicate in meters the altitude of the requested point.

If the format of the response is not txt, it will be indicated like this:

Field Description
height Altitude of the requested point in meters. If the data is not available, the answer will be -9999 (for example, when the point is outside the Gipuzkoa area).
info License and metadata about altitude data.

Warning: If there is no altitude data, the altitude value will be represented with the value -9999.