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The content geographic information corresponding to the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council may be reproduced, removed and reused freely on a nonexclusive basis, in whole or in part, by any person in any format and for any subsequent legitimate use under the following terms:

1. Authorship must be indicated in any case.

2. Text, geographic information, general rules and any information contained on this site are for informational purpose only, so you should check accuracy of data in legal official administrative sources.

3. Geographic information outside of the Gipuzkoa area, information, data or photographs of third party providers, clearly identified as such and made available to users through this website, intellectual property corresponding to their respective owners, may be used by the user on the same terms and conditions of use set by the owners.

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6. The website provides links to external sites over which they have no control, and because of that, the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa disclaims all warranties, having the user of the external website to follow their own terms of use.

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The content of this website will be in Basque by default. However, we also offer the contents of the website in Spanish and English through the links located at the top right. We do so in relation to this decree of the Basque Government: Decree 19/2024, of 22 February, on the standardisation of the use of the Basque language in the Basque Public Sector. Article 12(5) of the decree states: "[...] The home page to access the web content of the entities must be in Basque by default. This page shall include a link to the contents in Spanish and, where appropriate, links to other non-official languages."

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