The Spatial Data Infrastructure of Gipuzkoa provides access to geographic datasets for you to download and use them in projects and applications.

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Administration, toponymy and geodesy


Toponymy of Gipuzkoa. This dataset includes the data used by the b5m search engine, including the b5m coding (coordinates are in the x_etrs89...

Street map and addresses

Street map and addresses of Gipuzkoa. This dataset includes the data used by the b5m search engine, including the b5m coding (coordinates are...

Municipal Boundaries

Official municipal boundaries of Gipuzkoa and district names.


Buildings of Gipuzkoa: addresses, building names and heights.

Cadastre Data

Cadastre data: cadastral areas, urban plots and rural plots.

Distances between municipalities

Distances between the municipalities of Gipuzkoa. These distances are the fastest routes that can be done by road, between the town hall of...

Fire Stations

Fire stations of Gipuzkoa: location points and station names.

Town Halls

Town halls of Gipuzkoa: location points and municipality names.

Geodetic Benchmarks

Geodetic benchmarks of Gipuzkoa: location points and links to see the references.

Roads and linear elements


Railways of Gipuzkoa: Eusko Trenbideak and RENFE.


Road network of Gipuzkoa: road names and ranking.

Kilometre Points

Kilometre points of Gipuzkoa's road network, with road names.


Pathways of Gipuzkoa (street axis, road axis, path axis...)


Planimetry of Gipuzkoa (i.e. collection of linear elements seen on a map except buildings): pavements, curbs, water tanks, stairs, jetties, greenhouses, etc.

Terrain and hydrography

Rivers and Streams (Hydrography)

Hydrographic network of Gipuzkoa: names of rivers and streams, and their basins.

Altimetry (Contour Lines)

Topographic contour lines of Gipuzkoa with 5 metre intervals.

Altimetry (Elevation Points)

Elevation points of Gipuzkoa and their location: mountain tops, hills, depressions, over bridges, etc.


Approximate contour of the sandy beaches of Gipuzkoa, with the intertidal zones included