The website has been built adopting a series of measures with the aim of improving its accessibility.

This accessibility statement applies to the website, and it is based on an analysis of accessibility prepared through different semi-automatic tools.

Compliance Status

This website is partially in accordance with Royal Decree 1112/2018 due to the exceptions and lack of conformity of the aspects indicated below.

Non-accessible Content

The following content is not accessible due to the given reasons:

  1. Lack of compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1

    • Forms: There are web forms that do not meet the criteria of error identification (requirement 3.3.1), suggestions for errors (requirement 3.3.3), keyboard navigation (requirement 2.1.1) and visible keyboard focus (requirement 2.4.7).
    • Colour and styles: there are elements on some web page that do not meet the minimum colour contrast (requirement 1.4.3), readjustment of the text (requirement 1.4.10) and spacing of the text (requirement 1.4.11).
    • Texts and links: There are some web pages that do not have links with descriptive tags (requirement 2.4.6).
    • There could be editing errors on some web pages.
  2. Disproportionate load

    It does not apply.

  3. Content that does not fall within the scope of applicable law

    Online mapping and mapping services are excluded from this scope.

    There are files in PDF or other formats that do not fully meet all the accessibility requirements:

    • XML
    • CSV
    • ECW
    • DBF
    • PRJ
    • SHP
    • KML
    • GeoJSON
    • SHX
    • DXF
    • LAZ
    • XYZ
    • ASC (ArcInfo ASCII Grid)

Actions to improve the accessibility of the website

  • Keyboard navigation with access keys and tabbed navigation has been optimized.
  • A webmap has been implemented that helps to understand the organization of the content.
  • The correct functioning of the website has been guaranteed without Javascript activated.
  • The correct hierarchical order of the headers has been respected.
  • We have used ARIA Live Regions roles so that assisted technologies can notify in the event of a content change using Javascript.
  • Alternative texts have been used in the images.
  • We have used Bypass Blocks so that those who navigate with the keyboard can jump directly to the content.
  • The website is designed for viewing in Responsive mode, so it is optimally displayed on tablet and mobile devices.


The following hotkeys have been implemented:

1: Contact

2: Search Engine

3: Geographic Directory

4: Skip to content

5: Main menu

6: Legal information

7: Help

8: Accesibility

9: Webmap

0: Home

Preparation and revision of this accessibility statement

  • Preparation: 11th of November 2020.
  • Last update: 19th of October 2021.

Observations and contact details

Communications on accessibility requirements

You can submit comments about accessibility requirements (article 10.2.a of Royal Decree 1112/2018) such as:

  • Report any possible breaches by this website.
  • Indicate if there are other difficulties accessing the content.
  • Make any suggestions for improvements related to the accessibility of the website.

Comments can be submitted through the following contact form.