Municipal Boundaries

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Using this API you can consult the inventory of municipal areas, sorted by municipal boundaries; locate the boundary line and each of its boundary stones; see the administrative act of agreement and delimitation; list the municipalities bordering each municipality or district; etc.

Keep in mind that an administrative act determines a boundary line between the two municipalities. An administrative act describes a series of boundary stones whose relationship determines the municipal boundary line.

Request parameters

Parameter Description Default Required
q Name of the municipality or enclave to be searched for (if not specified, the complete inventory of municipal terms will be included). The search is smart, the exact name doesn¿t have to be typed. It can also be searched using the code id_enclave. - No
lang Language. Three are available: eu, es and en. Default, eu. eu No
format Format of the response. It should be: json, xml or php. json No


1. Complete inventory of municipal boundaries
2. The limits of Zarautz and its enclaves
3. The limits of Arrasate / Mondragón in Basque (Arrasate, then)
4. The limits of Arrasate / Mondragón in Spanish (Mondragón, then)
5. Relationship of municipal terms with the text ¿zuma¿ in the name of the municipality or the enclave
6. Search by an id_enclave code


Field Description
id_enclave Identification code of the enclave.
enclave1 Name of the enclave searched for (or name of the municipality if the municipality only has one enclave).
municipality1 Name of the municipality searched.
territory1 Name of the territory searched.
agreements The boundary between the two municipalities is defined by an administration agreement. From now on, information on agreements. This information is nested.
id_agreement Identification code of the agreement.
enclave2 Name of the second enclave (name of the municipality, if the municipality has only one enclave).
municipality2 Name of the second municipality.
territory2 Name of the second territory searched.
agreement Link to the agreement.
agreement_file_type Type of file of the agreement.
agreement_link_type Agreement link type: 0 (internal)|1 (external)
agreement_size_kb File size of the agreement (kB).
fieldlog Link to the administrative field notebook (a PDF document).
fieldlog_file_type Type of file of the administrative field notebook.
fieldlog_link_type Administrative field notebook link type: 0 (internal)|1 (external)
fieldlog_size_kb File size of the administrative field notebook (kB).
comment Commentary on the agreement.
map_link Map of the boundary between the two municipalities defined by the agreement.
number_of_boundarystones Number of boundary stones on the border between the two municipalities.
boundarystones The term line indicates the relationship between the two boundary stones. From now on, nested, information about the boundary stones of the term lines between two municipalities.
id_boundarystone Identification code of the boundary stone.
number Order of the boundary stone in the agreement.
type Code of the type of boundary stone.
type_name Name of the type of boundary stone.
accuracy Code of the accuracy of the location of the boundary stone.
accuracy_name Name of the accuracy information about the location of the boundary stone.
accuracy_description Description of the accuracy information about the location of the boundary stone.
location Toponymic information about the location of the boundary stone.
comment Comment on the boundary stone.
relationship Relationship with the previous boundary stone.
relationship_comment Comment on the relationship with the previous boundary stone.
map_link Location map of the boundary stone.