Geographical search engine API

Resource Information

Response Formats
Limited ratio

Using this API you can search for the toponymy and addresses of Gipuzkoa. The b5m geo search uses this API in search engines and geographical directories.

Request parameters

Parameter Description Default Required
q Geographic name (toponymic) or the address to be searched. Names of municipalities, street names, toponymic names (mountains, streams, rivers, places ...), etc. are allowed. - No
lang Language. Three are available: eu, es and en. Default, eu. eu No
start Number of responses to skip. 0 No
rows Number of search responses, after the start parameter. 1000000 No
city Name or municipality code. - No
street Name or street code (you must also put the parameter city). - No
riverbasin River basin name. It will find the hydrographic features of the basin. - No
road Name of the road. Search for the road. - No
addr Only addresses (addr = 1). It is equivalent to type = postal_address. 0 No
viewbox To narrow the search in a geographic window. Parameter format: [minimum_longitude, maximum_latitude, maximum_longitude, minimum_latitude], coordinate system EPSG:4326. - No
pt If we use the geographic window, we have the possibility of splitting the search by a central point. By this way, the result will be ordered by distance to that centre. Format of the parameters: [latitude, longitude], in the coordinate system EPSG: 4326. - No
dist Search distance in kilometres from the point of the parameter pt. 80 No
b5m_id Search by b5m code. - No
sort In free search (parameter q ) order of results by name by search similarity. Options: [asc|desc]. asc No
nor Normalized classification of the result, in percentage. Options: [0|1]. 0 No
numfound Just the number of search results. Options: [0|1]. 0 No
types Just the list of item types to search for. Options: [0|1]. 0 No
type The search will be done on the type of element specified. That type must be one of those contained in the list of the types parameter. 0 No
format Format of the response. It should be: json, xml or php. json No


1. Simple search
2. Simple search but within a geographic window (viewbox) and from a geographic point (pt) 43.40
-1.07 43.24 & pt = 43.30, -2.02
3. Simple search, within a geographic window (viewbox), starting from a geographic point (pt) and specifying the search distance (dist) 43.40 -1.07 43.24 & pt = 43.30, -2.02 & dist = 10
4. Search for an address anton luzuriaga 3
5. Search for a road
6. Search for the kilometre point of a road 2


Field Description
boundingbox Minimum bounding box (Minimum Bounding Box) for a geographical set.
postcode Zip code (in case of an address).
door_number Portal number (in case of an address).
distance Distance of the element to the centre of the search (parameter pt).
importance Importance of the item in the search result. It is a number, and the higher it is, the more important the item will be.
b5m_id B5m code of the geographic element
GFA_code1 Code 1 PCG of the geographic element.
GFA_code2 Code 2 PCG of the geographic element.
GFA_id Identifier PCG of the geographic element.
GFA_idcarre Identifier PCG of the geographical element (if it is a road).
display_name Name of the geographic element in the language the request was made (lang).
type Type of geographic feature.
road Name of the road if it is a Kilometric Point (KP).
KP KP of the road.
way KP¿s way inside the road.
description Description of the geographic element (if it is a road).
city Name of the municipality.
street Name of the street.
lon Longitude of the centre of the geographic element.
lat Latitude of the centre of the geographic element.
map_link URL to see the geographic element on the b5m map.