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Response Formats
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The Spatial Data Infrastructure of Gipuzkoa has put at your fingertips a series of geographical data for use in your projects and applications. You can also query and download the information of these data through this API.

The datasets are in various formats: CSV, Shapefile, KML, etc. On our legal information page you will find the conditions of use.

Request parameters

Parameter Description Default Required
q The name of the dataset you want to search for (if not specified, the full inventory will be displayed). The search engine is smart, there is no need to enter the exact name. It can also be searched by the id_dataset code. - No
lang Language. Three are available: eu, es and en. Default, eu. eu No
sort Sorting. It is the classification of the datasets by data fields. Fields should be separated by commas. The allowed fields are: id_inspire, order, name, description and author. - No
order Sort order: asc (ascending), desc (descending). - No
format Format of the response. It should be: json, xml or php. json No


1. Complete inventory of the datasets
2. Complete inventory of the datasets; in English and classified by name
3. Complete inventory of the datasets; in Spanish, classified by name and in descending order
4. Complete inventory of the datasets, classified by dataset type
5. Datasets containing the word udal (in Basque)
6. Datasets containing the word muni (in Spanish)
7. Search through the code id_dataset


Field Description
id_dataset Identification code of the dataset.
order Proposed sorting order of the datasets.
name The name of the dataset.
description Description of the dataset.
author Author of the dataset.
dataset_type Type of the dataset.
creation_date The date the dataset was created.
update_date The date the dataset was updated.
legal_info_link Legal information for the use of the dataset.
metadata_link Metadata of the dataset.
map_link Link to view the map of the dataset.
table_link Link to view the table of the dataset.
files Available files from a dataset.
id_file Identification code of the file.
extension File extension.
file_type File type.
file_size_kb File size (kB).
file_link File download link.
inspire_services INSPIRE services available from a dataset.
id_service Identification code of the INSPIRE service.
service_type INSPIRE service type.
service_link INSPIRE service link.
service_metadata_link INSPIRE service metadata link.