Municipal Cartography Inventory

Resource Information

Response Formats
Limited ratio

The purpose of this API is to obtain the list of topographic surveys carried out in Gipuzkoa.

Request parameters

Parameter Description Default Required
municipality Name or code of the municipality (if not specified, all topographic surveys will be displayed). - No
lang Language. Three are available: eu, es and en. Default, eu. eu No
sort Order of the response: code or municipality - No
format Format of the response. It should be: json, xml or php. json No


1. Complete inventory of municipal cartography
2. Topographic surveys of a municipality (with code 031)
3. Topographic surveys of the same municipality, but with search by name
4. Complete list of topographical surveys in Gipuzkoa, sorted by municipality names


Field Description
GFA_code PCG code of the topographic survey.
GFA_codmunicipality Municipality code.
municipality Name of the municipality.
name Name of the topographical survey.
owner Owner of the topographic survey.
scale Scale of the topographic survey.
digitalization_date Date of digitization of the topographic survey.
survey_date Date of the topographic survey.
update_date Date of the last update of the topographic survey.
map_link Map link to see the scope of the topographic survey.