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G-Irudia is an application created to enable a user of Autodesk products to have easy access to the maps and the orthophotos published on the b5m website.

This application will ask the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council WMS service for maps or orthophotos, and will show the image obtained as the backdrop to the active drawing in the Autodesk application.

As well as this, it will also make it possible to obtain a variety of information (place names, river courses, roads and buildings) about specific locations.

The latest version of this application (G-Irudia 3.9) has been programmed through technology .NET which the various types of Autodesk software offer a complete programming interface, ensuring that it is completely integrated in these applications and also has all the possibilities provided by this technology.

Currently there are two versions of G-Irudia for download, each one has been developed using a different technology, so the user must check in the following table the version to download depending on the version of Autodesk products:

Autodesk product version (*) G-Irudia 2.2 (VBA) G-Irudia 3.9 (.NET) 32-bit / 64-bit
Earlier versions Not tested No / No
2004 Yes No / No
2005 Yes No / No
2006 Yes No / No
2007 Yes Yes / Not tested
2008 Yes Yes / Not tested
2009 Yes Yes / Not tested
2010 Yes (**) Yes / Yes
2011 Yes (**) Yes / Yes
2012 Yes (**) Yes / Yes
2013 or later Not tested (**) Yes / Yes

(*) AutoCAD LT does not offer support for G-Irudia.

(**) 2010 and later versions of Autodesk products does not include support for VBA; to use G-Irudia 2.2 with these versions you must download and install the Visual Basic for Applications Module (VBA) appropriate to the Autodesk product version from their website.

Since VBA support is being removed from Autodesk products, presumably in the future versions G-Irudia 2.2 could not be used.

Download the current version of G-Irudia (for Autodesk 2007 or later): G-Irudia 3.9.1 (see help).

Download the old version of G-Irudia (for Autodesk 2006 or earlier): G-Irudia 2.2.2 (see help).

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