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Geographic Datasets

The Spatial Data Infrastructure of Gipuzkoa provides access to geographic datasets for you to download and use them in projects and applications.

Municipal Cartography Inventory:

You can locate, by municipalities, the cadastral surveys performed by the municipality councils and other entities, establish their scope and obtain the relevant files.

Vectorial Cartography:

You can download vector files at 1:5000 scale, prepared by the Department of Land Use and Planning.

Gipuzkoa Maps:

Download maps of Gipuzkoa in TIFF/JPEG format.

1:5000 Series:

Select a location on the territory to view and explore the sheets available for that location, collected since 1966 and part of the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council 1:5000 cartographic collection.


Select a location on the territory to download the orthophotographs available for that location, collected since 2001.


Download the LIDAR and mobile mapping altimetric data.

Mapping problem reporting:

Tool for reporting mapping problems

Gipuzkoa maps offline on mobile devices

B5m maps, developed by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa can now be viewed offline (i.e. without an Internet connection).

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